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The Akeman Benefice is linked with the parish of Mönsterås-Fliseryd in the diocese of Växjö in Sweden, as part of the Oxford/Växjö Diocesan Link. We visit each other’s parishes from time to time and try to learn and pray together in a spirit of international and inter-church cooperation.  Please see our Gallery page for photos of some of these recent visits.

The Diocese of Oxford & The Diocese of Växjö

Akeman Benefice - Map showing the linkThe Diocese of Oxford, England, is twinned with the Diocese of Växjö, Sweden.

Fredrik Modéus was ordained priest in 1991 and has been the Bishop of Växjö since April 2015. Bishop Fredrik’s motto is “God’s grace is all you need,” reminding us that the most important thing in life is free. We receive it as a gift.

Discussing the relationship in 2017, The Bishop of Oxford, The Rt Revd Dr Steven Croft, and The Bishop of Växjö, The Rt Revd Fredrik Modéus, reflected on the importance of the link between our two dioceses.

he Bishop of Oxford, The Rt Revd Dr Steven Croft“The link is vitally important at this time…”

…when the UK is breaking its relationship with the EU that the churches really strengthen our common links with different European communities. This particular link has meant a great deal to the Diocese of Oxford over recent years and I think it’s even more important as we move forward into the next decade to build that cross-European understanding and cross-fertilisation and approach to the big questions that we face.”

The Bishop of Oxford, The Rt Revd Dr Steven Croft

Fredrik Modéus, the Bishop of the Diocese of Växjö“The link means the opportunity of reflecting…”

…on what we do regularly… seeing, hearing, and discussing gives perspective on our daily work in an exciting way.

There are many reasons to deepen the relations between our dioceses. In a global world, it is natural to be the world-wide church that we are and to strengthen the links with different kinds of parishes throughout not only Europe… but throughout the world.

The Bishop of Växjö, The Rt Revd Fredrik Modéus

Magnus- Johansson

Magnus Johansson is the Parish Priest of Mönsterås-Fliseryd, supported by two pastors and other members of the Mönsterås-Fliseryds Pastorat.

Magnus is married to Hanna and is father to five children and grandfather to two. He has been a priest in the Church of Sweden since 1995. He has had a relationship with the Anglican Church mainly through the Alpha course movement. 

The Akeman Benefice is developing a close relationship with Mönsterås-Fliseryd and is enjoying sharing their experience of life and witness.  In May 2022 five people from the Akeman Benefice visited Mönsterås and Fliseryd.  In September 2023 twenty-five people from Mönsterås and Fliseryd will be spending a long weekend in our area, holding conversations and sharing worship with local church members, visiting places of interest, and meeting Bishop Gavin and other church dignitaries. 

Here is a link to the Diocese of Växjö’s website: https://www.svenskakyrkan.se/vaxjostift
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Parish of Mönsterås-Fliseryd

Mönsterås, in Kalmar County on the south-east coast of Sweden, is the main settlement in the parish – a town of about 6,300 inhabitants.  It is particularly associated with the Swedish poet Carl Boberg, who wrote the words of the hymn “O Store Gud” (“How Great Thou Art” ). Fliseryd (pop 700) is about 16 km to the west. There are two churches and three chapels in the parish.

Mönsterås Church

Mönsterås Church was designed by the architect J W Gerss, replacing the old church that existed on the same site since the 1200s. The new church was inaugurated in September 1847.

Fliseryd Church

Fliseryd Church was designed by Per Wilhelm Palm Roth and inaugurated in 1816-18. The altarpiece portrays ‘Christ on the Cross’ and is a copy of a painting by Peter Paul Rubens, thought to have been saved from the old church. The church was renovated by the architect Claes Thornblad from 2010 and was re-consecrated in 2013.

The Woodland Chapel

The Woodland Chapel is the newest chapel in the Parish of Mönsterås-Fliseryd. Inaugurated in 1981, it is situated in the Woodland Cemetery and is used for many different purposes.

The Tomb Chapel

The Tomb Chapel is a small, octagonal chapel situated in the old cemetery in Mönsterås. It was built in 1872, along with the oldest part of the cemetery.

Pine Creek Church

Pine Creek Church is located on the road towards Oknö with stunning views over the water. It has a small chapel which seats twenty people and it accommodates summer activities for children and adults.